Friday, June 3, 2011

Drywall part 2

Room is about 95% done with drywall. Other than it being heavy as heck to lift it wasn't too bad. There are just small areas to do above the doors etc. A friend came to help tonight and did most of the lifting while I scrambled to sink screws. All and all it's really beginning to take shape.

Maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to sit down and pick a color palette. I have an old dress that I've kept for sake of the fabric.. I wanted to use it to accent curtains or make a throw pillow. Hmm.

I've also talked to another crafty buddy Trish and have decided not to put a ceiling fan back in that room. Most ceiling fans don't provide enough light since incandescent bulbs are being phased out by 2012 and many just are ugly in my opinion, with a light kit. So I'm going to find a cool fixture to hang instead. I'm open to suggestions, pictures etc. Now the fun will really begin as I start to get my hands dirty designing. Other than aesthetics of a fan, too it would blow my projects around maybe too much. At any rate if I need a fan, a tower fan will do.
Before pic of south east corner.
After pic of south east corner.
I look forward to taping and mudding this weekend! :)

Before of the west wall 

After of the northwest corner

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  1. It's coming along. I'm getting excited thinking about how nice it will be for you to have a space designated to crafting! (Again, living vicariously!)

  2. I can't WAIT! Previously in my 700 sq ft apartment my craft space was a desk crammed into the bedroom corner. This room when I first walked the house fit perfectly. It's the smallest out of the 3 bedrooms but will be just a great space once it's pulled together.