Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quicky update

Just a quicky update.

This week some works been done. Soffit vents have been added to the attic eaves, locks added and changed, and laundry connections have been made in the shed.
I've been slowly unpacking some boxes. This weekend will be more laundry too.

I must say, there's something nostalgic about living a older home.
Just a few of the things I'm looking forward to:
-rain barreling my water
-vegetable gardening
-drying clothes on a clothes line
- fans
-natural cleaners
-making laundry soap

Crazy? Naww.. just a little more eco-friendly and loving living in the "past"

Here's a few pictures, some from this past weekend with the vegetable beds and others from this week.

I found this great rolling cart on craigslist. It's now my gardening "station" or "potter's bench" right near my back door. I may add some shelving for additional storage but for now it works.

This lonely flower greeted me the other night.. It's being strangled out by other plants.. so it'll be moved when it can be. There were some other blooms on a cracked stem.. so I snipped it and hopefully it'll open inside.

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