Monday, April 11, 2011

The house hasn't killed me.... yet.

Okay, So it's been almost a month since I've updated.. Life has taken over.. I've been out of town for work and family.. but alas progress is being made. There's no internet at the house---and there won't be for a while so my updating is few and far between. I'll try to make a better attempt. I don't really have any good pictures from moving day. But it was stressful. By 5pm that Friday I had 1 person to help me move.. miraculously by 10am Saturday morning I had a crew. Thanks to a lot of prayer and my great church family. I was not looking forward to the day at all.. But it all worked out and everything got moved. The Happy Homeowner! While the weather has been lovely, I've been tackling a good bit of yard work.. and finding treasures in the process... like this: Any idea what it is? Maybe this will give you a better idea: If you guess car axle, you'd be correct!! *ding ding ding ding!!* Buried behind some bushes in the driveway I found this beast.. Took it to the scrapyard and for 185lbs of steel you get a whopping $17.58.. now if only it was copper. =) The vegetable garden has gone from this: To this: And eventually to the beginning of this: In the process my back has turned to this: Molly and Peyton have had fun in the yard too.. digging holes in to-be-landscaped areas, running like crazy fools, chasing squirrels, looking at birds and recently playing in a mud puddle made by mommy. Peyton on left, Molly on right. Who can resist that muddy Peyton face? And finally, video of the pups this past weekend.

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