Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Work continues!

Work has been getting done. Hence why I haven't updated. Prep work is taking up a majority of the time spent there. Primarily the remove of wallpaper was no easy task. It's left behind residue on some walls which then needs to literally be scrubbed down, primed, all gaps caulked, then finally painted.

My goal is to have 3 spaces habitual by Saturday when I move in.
Other than the fireplace, the living room is done. I'm going to work some magic on the fireplace per my friend Chris-- but it's a project that's going to have to wait a bit.

The dining room again, for the most part is complete, except for the lower sections of wall where "wall frames" will be added. The ceiling also needs an additional coat of paint.

Finally the bedroom-Other than painting the ceiling it is complete. The closet isn't in bad shape-- so I think I can skip painting it and put it on hold for a later date.

I've also discovered that a colony of fleas have moved in ahead of Molly, Peyton (Pups) and myself.. To the point where I HEARD them on the contractor paper.. especially when down near the floor painting trim.. No wonder my shins are eaten.. I've tried foggers today-- but it didn't seem to work. I'm coming up with a plan B.

Other than finishing up painting the wall color in the bedroom, I ended the night tonight pulling up the contractor paper in the living room and scrubbing the hardwood floors on my hands and knees. It looks great!!

Living room before-During initial walk thru

Living room now

Bedroom during walk thru

Bedroom after 1st coat

What do you think??

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  1. i love the changes to the living room :)

  2. Thanks Miranda! I can't wait to see it 100%!!