Monday, March 7, 2011

A lot has gotten done!

It's been a busy busy weekend!

Saturday started off with picking up a Rain Barrel from the City of Savannah. It'll be used to collect rain water from my future gutters and water my future vegetable plot.

Friends showed up with children in toe and I delegated tasks. Kids raked leaves, some older ones cut down bushes and grown ups where to help inside or in the backyard digging bushes.

Crystal the wallpaper removing diva, began removing the wallpaper from the second bedroom. A task that was no easy feat! For some reason it was MUCH harder to come off than the first bedroom or dining room.

I began to roll the living room ceiling with paint.

I had lunch catered for everyone who came to help. What's a better way to nudge people to help right?!

After lunch arrived, so did my friend Stephen and his brother Joseph... They played lumberjacks. I ran to Home Depot and rented a chain saw. The pecan tree in the backyard desperately needed some TLC.

We hoisted..or rather the boys, hoisted the chainsaw up into the tree with a strap, and Joseph took position up in the tree

My friends daughters and the neighbor boy Ivan had fun watching as a big branch came down.

Once the branch came down, the kids and I investigated the damaged branch due to woodpeckers and termites. As other branches came down we had them count the rings of the tree to calculate the age.

Monkey Joseph also scaled another tree which came down without a fight..

The living room also saw it's first coat of paint! How great does it look!!

The dining room has also seen it's first 2 coats of primer

And I'll be going with a sage green for the dining room.

What do you think?

Hard to believe it's one week down and already so much progress!! So thankful to all who came to help out this weekend and those who continue to do so!! Every little bit helps!!

In addition to all the work that has pictures to support it, 6 or so holly bushes were dug out and donated to a local elementary school, one bedroom was washed, prepped and patched, 20 refuge bags were packed full with leaves.. and my yard still has plenty more! I've also discovered a beautiful apple blossom tree which is on my neighbors side but overhangs into my yard. The way I've paced my house, my yard and my front yard makes me laugh at times as if I've never seen nature before. haha!

Not only is this a special house.. but it's also EXTREMELY special to me because I've never lived in a house before. I've been born and raised in an apartment and have always lived in an apartment setting. It's a welcome change. Anxious to see what gets done this week!

Move in day is about 11 days away!

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