Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A blog post of a different sort

It's been a week of awesome and then I've gone silent again.

Sorry ya'll.

Dad is still fighting for his life. I've been fairly open about his ordeal only because it's motivated me to make changes in my own life as far as healthier eating, cutting way way way down on processed foods etc etc.

I've also been watching/reading alot about the Gerson Therapy-- which is a semi extreme form of eating but it has been shown that cancers have been healed by eating that way.

Needless to say, I've also signed up to run not one but TWO 5k's coming in December. It's been several years since I last ran a 5k. Now I'm challenging myself to running 2 5k's within Two weeks. Am I nuts? YES!

Hoping between now and then I get enough training in. Anyone want to be running buddies?

Ok, so back to Dad....

For anyone who missed it, Dad is still in rehab. He has been there since Sept 12th.
 (This saga began Aug 24th with the return of cancer in the lung and lung surgery--removing 25% of his left lung)

Unfortunately thanks to our lovely health care system, he needs to be out of there this week. They are looking into other facilities to transport him to, as he is still not well enough and hasn't made enough progress to go home.

He is still on oxygen, and a trach that needs to be suctioned multiple times a day. (While my Stepmom has been heroically dealing with his feeding tube for the past 3 years, dealing with the trach is another story. It's painful to watch let alone do. I walked out of the room when the nurse came to do it in August---One look at my Dad wincing in pain and gagging and that was enough for me....Carolyn too.)<----There's reason I never pursued a medical field! 

 He's balance and walking is not too great either--(probably from being bed ridden and only intravenous food, possibly an issue with the inner ear) he's using the aid of a walker and the other day walked up the hall and back. If he was home and fell my stepmom wouldn't be able to get him up.

 So continue thoughts and prayers that a new facility is found that will take him and that I can come across the resources to get myself up there and be among family within the next few weeks. I don't have the means to fly up and my truck is in dire need of 2 new tires that would make me scared to drive the 1,000 miles solo.... *sigh* 

I hate to be Debbie Downer, and while the blog is about all my remodeling/designy stuff, this has taken priority at the moment. 

Daddy-Daughter Dance

If, I'm quiet lately there's just a lot internally going on. I'd do anything to take his place...

Thanks everyone.


Dad was transported to a nursing home this evening about 7pm. I've been told they've inserted something to bypass the oxygen in the trach allowing him to talk. He's sometimes audible, sometimes garbled. Motor skills are still an issue but writing is improving and he's able to use the TV remote.. That's HUGE progress from when I saw him last. Today he used a cane and did some walking. Still getting tired and winded quickly. He's got a neurologist appointment November 1st to see if anything else is going on and hopefully an ENT appointment to see if there's any inner ear issues causing some of the balance/coordination trouble. His mind is still sharp, witty and sarcastic. He's "with it" knowing the day, who's seeing him etc. He understands what's going on around him and while he wants to go home he understands that he's just not well enough yet.... That is all.

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