Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outdoor Nightmare Part 2

So yesterday I posted about my backyard nightmare. I figured I'd elaborate a little bit more about the full effect of this area.

This is standing and looking back at the deck and the gate off the driveway area. From the gate to a few feet past the deck is about 18' feet.
This is the view from standing on the deck looking out to the Southeast area of the yard. The vegetable garden for this season is still a work in progress.
A view looking Northeast. Where the hose is laying there's a dirt path that goes all the way to my neighbors yard.
A view standing back by the compost bins.
More barren land.
Path is bare all the way to neighbors fence.
Looks like somebody (Me) will be laying sod, pouring concrete, and creating a gravel path this weekend. Talk about back breaking work! Who wants to come and help lift 20-30, 60lb bags of concrete?!?!......*cricket* *cricket* yea.... didn't think so.

Anyone have any other thoughts for these areas?  Sound off below.

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  1. We thought our backyard nightmare was pretty bad, but yours wins. We have weeds galore! Luckily, our soil is a bit better, though it has a little too much clay. We worked all day on it yesterday, so it is on the way to being better.

    If I was in Savannah I'd help out. However, I'll just have too look forward to the after pictures. Best wishes!

    1. I got the first 600lbs of concrete on my lunch break today.. so I guess here goes nothing! Lots of digging and form building to do. Hopefully the prep is done by Saturday so I can begin pouring concrete.

      I rather have the weeds! I have stubborn spiderwort that's taking over areas. ho hum.

  2. Hi Megan -
    Love your blog and what you have done with your house. You are truly fearless when it comes to tackling home improvement projects! Hope all is well and good luck with the concrete this weekend. Ronna in Ohio.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ronna! Stay tuned to all the upcoming projects! =)