Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabric Searching

So I went to the fabric store last night.. and looked... and looked and looked for fabric to sew  and make my roman shades out of for the craft room.. Nothing quite fit the bill... Although I do kinda sorta like 3,4 and 7 listed below...

It's occurred to me that I'm pattern-fobic.. Sure sure it's not a word... but it is now.
That's the one thing my house is missing the most is visual texture/pattern. Walls are all solid colors, bedding, towels, etc are all solids.. I don't own any area rugs as of yet-- except for a few bath rugs which are... yep you guessed it; SOLID. If you know me "in person" I generally dress in solid colors and accessorize with jewelry...

It's not that I don't like pattern... it's just I have no idea how to use it and what's going to look the best. I think too it's too easy to constantly change my mind because knowing I can!
In college when I was going for my BFA in Interior Design, you'd work on a floorplan sketched out on trace paper again and again and again. It was generally right before a deadline I nailed down the best possible plan and go with it... I'd spend hours amongst the sample room scouring over material samples... and only once forced I'd make a concrete decision.

Am I indecisive? Well.. not entirely. I can make the big decisions... just when it comes down to the details I know what I want and I know the feel but to bring it all together is a different story. Guess it's part of the designer/creative person in me.. Who knows.

Anyways the search for fabric continues.. I'm limited to Joanns and Hancock fabrics locally here... but there's a vast world wide web out there to explore... My initial colors for the room were Robin Egg, Plum/Grape/Silver/White/ and a pop of lime green. Now maybe that'll all change.. Who knows.
I know I don't want a chevron pattern.. As it's popping up EVERYWHERE. Maybe I'll just create my own pattern..I have no idea.

 If you come across something you think may work, pass it along to me to check out.
I'll rest on this subject for a bit... afterall, I have a desk to build this weekend!


The walls are a robin egg/bluish color for any people who are just joining the blog for the first time or need a refresher. I've begun to find some additional possible fabric options and have "pinned" them on Pinterest. You can check those out here.

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  1. Good luck on the desk. It looks like a great addition to your work space. I'm sorry - I know I'm sounding contrarian in these two comments I've made - but if the Roman shade is a solid color, you can use prints on something more easily changed (pillows, wall decor, etc.). I know myself well enough that if I made the shade in a print, if I tired of it it would be hard to change once I'd done all that work. Or maybe use some print trim on the bottom of a solid shade attaching it in a way that it can be changed out easily. Not sure what that would be... Anyway, good luck! You are forging right ahead. The choosing part is always the hard part for me. Don't remember quite how I recently found your blog or I would give credit - must have followed over from a blog, maybe in the comments.

    Barbara H.

    Barbara H.

  2. If I'm seeing the colors in your photo correctly, the wood floor has a warm, reddish hue. Because of that, I'd go with the orange to complement this and the blue. So #7 or a nice, sunny yellow could look good in the room.