Sunday, July 10, 2011

Refinished floors (Reveal time)

Ooooh the end is nearing! I can feel it!! Floors are refinished! Just a few coats of poly and it'll be move in time!! I can't wait!

The floors have been sanded for the last week or so. They started off like this after all previous work was done:

I didn't care to protect them as I worked. I knew moving into the house that this room was destine to have the floors re-done. there were some pretty good scratches left by the renters, and a spot like this:

After thoroughly sanding and a test spot, the floors were ready to stain. Which is what I accomplished last night.
Thanks to my helper-- or Interior Designer in training. The process went alot quicker.
Ta da! Fully sanded floors.
Even at this stage, they looked pretty great!
So last night I dug out all the rags and brushes and tack cloths. A good good rub down with mineral spirits and a tack cloth to remove all dirt and dust and I was ready to apply the stain.
 I started in the closet, doing one section at a time. No further in depth than I could reach to wipe and remove the stain after it sat. I used a foam brush just for the simple fact I could toss it afterwards.
 After I backed myself out of the room (good thing about two doorways) I let the room dry and taped plastic in the doorways to help keep down the dust and dog fur.
This was the room this afternoon. I'll apply some "touch up" stain to a few areas and then I'm ready to poly. The dark spot is still there but it lightened a bit. The scratches that bugged me so much at first are now minimized and add character and charm to the room.

Wrapping up this room this week. It won't be fully "settled" and decorated right away-- but at least everything that BELONGS in their will be in there and not in all the rest of the areas of the house.


Up next will be the kitchen!
 It's already been semi- wallpapered stripped by my friend Crystal.
And the holding center for 95% of my tools/ and DIY junk. haha!
I ordered new appliances yesterday thanks to some great deals and some rebates. The store I ordered from is holding everything for approx. 30 days until it is delivered and installed at the house. Time to bust a move. I can't wait!

The kitchen will also feature another floor masterpiece.. as revealed here.

beneath my heart

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  1. I am so impressed at how much you have done to your house and mostly by yourself. Keep up the great work!

    Kim Bunzol

  2. The floors look so good! You are amazing to have accomplished so much on your own.

  3. Great job. It looks great. I'm here after reading about the floors on FB with Sawdust Sandra!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  4. Kitchen floor will be up next.

  5. I give you a ton of credit for doing this project. It takes a ton of work to refinish hardwood floors...why mine is not done yet!

    What kind of sander did you use?

  6. I used a regular belt sander and palm sander. I didn't trust myself enough to rent a drum sander. I think I would've been taken for a ride if I used one.

  7. Such a big project! Congratulations! :)

  8. They look great. Can't wait to see the kitchen.


  9. When you did your wood floors did you rent a floor sander or did you just use a small hand sander on the floor?


  10. @ Terri, I just used a belt sander and palm sander... Depending on how the kitchen floor comes up I may be renting a sander for that job!

  11. Whew...I remember doing this last fall! All the squatting, bending & kneeling was just crazy! It's worth it in the end...keep up the good work!

  12. Wow, I like that you used the small sanders. All of a sudden the job sounds do-able! Your floor looks great.