Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Closing time!

The day we've all been waiting for. CLOSING.
Funny, I woke up this morning a renter and a daughter of a landlord.. and tonight when I go to bed, I am a homeowner! CRAZY!!

Closing went well and all parties involved were super nice. It was interesting to hear about the area of where the house is from way back when in 1955 when the original family moved in. Due to possibly the post-war economy while the house was built in 1945 the first family didn't move in until 1955. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford raised 5 children in the home. 2 Girls, a boy, and a set of twin boys. By the time the twins came along, the daughters were out of the house. Hearing the daughter Andrea speak of her memories inside the home were great. It made me really feel like a part of that era. It also made me think about what it must've been like for my grandparents during that time raising my Mom in Chicago.

I've always wished I knew more history etc from my grandmother and maybe this house will kinda be a journey for me.

The area surrounding the house used to be farmland, prior to the construction of the Truman parkway. The pecan tree when it was young was hit by lightening. Mr. Crawford took one of his belts and strapped it around the tree to hold it together. Eventually it grew back and remains in the yard. I was also told there's a blueberry bush-- haven't pinpointed where that is yet.

After closing I headed to the house. I was promptly stung by a wasp while opening the backdoor in the kitchen. The booger was on the doorknob and I hadn't flipped on the light switch. My finger swelled three times the size.. Thankfully my friend Crystal was on her way and her husband had spit tobacco in the car.. She put a glob of it on my finger, I threw my hand in a rubber glove and off to work we went laying drop cloths and beginning prep work.

Molly and Peyton enjoyed running in the backyard. I think they'll be very very happy puppies once we are in there for good. They kept running circles around the pecan tree and sprinting. It was hilarious.

I finished tonight with beginning to remove some wallpaper in the bedrooms and the dining room. We'll see how that adventure fairs. Molly and Peyton are zonked out and I'm beat.

Tomorrow is another day!

My closing gift from my Realtor Julia! =) Gonna come in handy for all those long nights ahead!

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